Working With Me

As a result of my Integrative training and theoretical thinking, I view each client as an individual with their own unique experiences. Therefore, my therapeutic approach is not limited to simply one way of working.  Depending on your needs and requirements, I will provide a range of techniques and ways of working which are drawn from the diverse theories and approaches recognised within the field of Counselling and Psychotherapy today.  My approach relies on sensitive listening, open exploration, interactive engagement, respectful challenge and mutual participation in the process.  If appropriate, I encourage material that may be useful for you to bring to the sessions, i.e: drawings, a record of dreams, journals, poems, music.

Couple Counselling requires empathy combined with neutrality.  Assisting conflicted individuals to develop a degree of empathy towards each other is central to my work as a Couples Counsellor.  I use various techniques to help couples learn to listen to a greater level to their partner and to understand and become aware that another perspective exists within the relationship.  Ideally I work with repair.  However, sometimes it is necessary to help couples to start to accept their relationship cannot be repaired.  As a consequence I can assist couples to work towards a healthy separation. 

Confidentiality is absolutely central to my work as a therapist.  What is said in therapy remains confidential to the limits provided by law (essentially, where there is serious danger to anyone’s life) and even then would be considered very carefully before any disclosure was made.  In practice, it may be useful for your GP and/or someone very close to you to be aware that you are in psychotherapy / counselling and this is something which will be discussed with you if it appears appropriate.

I practice from a consulting room located within Allum Hall Manor House in Elstree, WD6.

After you make contact with me (by email or phone) and we arrange to meet, we will need to agree how long we will want to work together for.  It may be just a few sessions (usually 6 sessions as a minimum) or on an open-ended basis, depending on what feels right for you.  I believe it helps to work out a time-frame together from the outset, but nothing is set in stone, and we can always review how things are as they unfold.

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